Welcome to my page!

~squee squee~

ive been wanting to make a neocity for a while but i never had the courage to really learn HTML/CSS cuz its kind of a big thing to learn, least it feels that way to me! (not sure how i survived digital design class)

here you'll find full quality uploads of my art and in-game screenshots i took in splatoon with the use of Reinkify (and maybe Flexlion for splatoon 3???) please do not repost my art on other websites, even if you source it back to here or any of my socials. not. cool. duuude. but youre free to share my game screenshots or use them as a reference for whatever you need it for, im always happy to take pictures that may help in creating new stuff from it!

also im leaving the template guide here until i can get these baby training wheels off >:P